Between Yesterday and Tomorrow


“BETWEEN YESTERDAY & TOMORROW” instruction sheet / / Shinjiro Maeda
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Record your video and audio with following process

- Day1: Record audio explaining what you will shoot tomorrow, where and why you are filming it
- Day2: Start filming.
- Day3: Record audio talking about the day before

Edit your video shot in Day2, and add audio from Day1 to Day2

You can use audio from the video but do not add new sounds other than what's been recorded.

The length of a film should be 5 minutes including opening credit (5 seconds) and ending credit (10 seconds)

The audio recordings of Day 1 and Day 3 should be withing 4'45 in all including white noise

Opening / Ending credit should be as following

Opening credit (white noise 5 seconds)

 If your films are in serial, add orders.

 Add title in finishing your work. Ending Credit (white noise 10 seconds)

You may add names of people who helped you in your project
 Include following text
  This video was made from the instruction sheet ”BETWEEN YESTERDAY & TOMORROW”

 * Filmmaker holds the copyright.